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Teaching in the PRESENT demands that we be tolerant and accepting of UNCERTAINTY, AMBIGUITY, CONSTANT CHANGE

It’s time to truly BALANCE the LITERACIES

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Math/ Music/the Arts/Dance/Drama  

M-M-A-D-D Science integrates them all.

Contextualize your reading and writing program by infusing literacy into all the subject.

Engage and motivate young learners by appealing to all their senses.

In the face of constant social media competition we must find ways to engage  our students Emotionally, Socially, and Intellectually. Information is bombarding them at a mind numbing rate. How do we get their attention?

Communicating, Connecting and Critical Thinking are the skills that will allow them to negotiate the present and prepare for the future.

Teachers must be constantly evolving, innovating their approach, adapting and refining to meet the changing needs of their students.  M-M-A-A-D-D Science and M-A-D-D Math are approaches to engaging students through their senses, teaching Literacy throughout all the subjects creating spaces and environments that honour, value then challenge their current abilities and interests. We start from the child but we do not need to stay there. How do you know you don’t like Math if you have never experienced REAL Math?


 Knot Theory


Puzzling with knots builds perseverance, fine motor skills, mental flexibility and visual spatial reasoning skills. The mathematics of knots has applications across a range of sciences. Unraveling the mysteries of DNA and a variety of proteins. Innovating with natural and man made fibres. Knots unlock the imagination, making what seemed impossible, possible.

k8           polymers

Studying shape and space in nature has lead to some very exciting developments in science and technology.

3 layers

Do you recognize this structure?

What can we learn from studying it?

M-M-A-D-D Math, M-M-A-D-D Science Events introduce you to a range of ways to engage your students with topics from science and mathematics that integrate literacy and the ARTS. 

THINKING 101 is a learning organization, dedicated to building collaborative networks of learners

focused on putting THINKING at the heart of teaching and learning.

Mathematics and Science are school TOPICS that desperately need TO focus on KNOWING HOW STUDENTS THINK AND VALUING THAT THEY CAN .

jump into space

Does it look like he is falling off a cliff or gleefully jumping out and up into the great unknown?

There is a ladder hidden in the seemingly random chaos

keep climbing

The climb is non linear, path not straight, and a few of the rungs appear a little ragged but the exercise will work all your muscles, keeping your senses alert as you adjust to  maintain your balance… The way is up, forward and ahead, there is no backing down.

My goal at THINKING101 is to continually generate opportunities for teachers to innovate. Engaging learners is a full time profession. We cannot rest on what worked in the past, we must continuously monitoring, evaluating, adapting and refining our techniques.  We must learn to embrace complexity, thrive in uncertainty and tolerate ambiguity.


I am available for school residencies, classroom demonstrations, school projects, parent and public events, planning and coaching with administrators, home schoolers, Professional Learning Teams, teachers.

I create materials to sustain inquiry that reach across subjects connecting COMMUNICATION & CRITICAL THINKING skills into problem based lessons, inquiry units and projects.

I organize learning events, inquiry networks, TINKER/ THINKER rings.


Geri Lorway
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If you are interested contact me at:

Phone: 780 826 1495.